Monday, June 20, 2011


The PoemRoom was created to be a more visceral and visual way to experience poetry.  It hinges on the question "Is writing a visual art?" and also asks "Is talking music?" The PoemRoom seeks increasingly relevant ways to tie words and language into modern art, music, and culture.

Each PoemRoom features dense collages of print art created by myself and other collaborators.

PoemRooms are meant to be interactive, whether you just want to chill out and read...

...or create some art of your own.

Most of the word art is spraypainted from my own hand-cut stencils.

Here is a floating balloon installation by Ellie Evelyn at the Grace Exhibition Space.
PoemRooms enjoy a large digital art presence, to translate poetry into modern technological forms. Here is an interactive computer piece by Andrew Scoville.

 More video word art pieces were created by Kate Freer of Room 404 Media.

 I've hoped that the PoemRooms can be integrated enough so that the video, light, words, and performance can blend together.

 This is the Omsaic from PoemRoom: Breath(e)

 Here is a graffiti triptych by Derek Stephan.

 Untitleds, exhibited at Ten Forward BK.

 Hunter X. Thompson

 Question Gun

 PoemRoom also explores symbols and punctuation marks.

 Surveillance Cameras by Derek Stephan surveyed the event.

In the lower right you see the symbols for the Semaphore letters "N" + "D" for Nuclear Disarmament, which when combined give us the symbol for Peace.

Whitney Lockert performs at PoemRoom: BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG 

 I also perform occasionally on my keyboards or my clarinet.

PoemRooms can be put up anywhere, from art galleries to city parks to rock clubs.  
See you at the next one.

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  1. Greetings! How does one get involved with PoemRoom? I'm an arts student in Austin, TX but have visited NYC and Brooklyn a handful of times for projects, etc. I'm actually currently working on starting a collaborative/creative and love what you're doing. If PoemRoom takes proposals from out-of-towners, I'd be interested in sending in a project? Best and thanks! - K.Smither hit me at smither.katie [at]